New York. An evil serial killer targets its women. The most violent terrorist group the world has encountered, plans to attack it. Special Ops agent Zeb Carter, who has never lost, is sucked into a battle he can't win. The city that never sleeps is hurtling to a nightmare it never dreamed.



New York is in the grip of a serial killer who stalks its women and performs the most horrific experiments on them.

His killing spree draws in Zeb Carter, a deep black agent who is a master of the killing game himself. What starts off as a routine investigation for Zeb soon explodes when the serial killer turns out to have a bigger agenda.

Zeb’s hunt takes him across the country, from New York to Texas and L.A., as he desperately tries to uncover the identity of the killer, all the while battling gangsters and assassins.

As if he hasn’t enough problems, the most violent terrorist group the world has known, targets the city.

Zeb has faced down the most extreme opposition before and come out on top.

This time he is facing a perfect storm of terror and violence, one that threatens to blow him away and drown his city in blood.


The Warrior Series

Books 1 - 4

The Warrior Series

Books 5 - 8


BOOKS 1 - 8