The Warrior

BOOK one - the Warrior SERIES

When you are in the killing game, dying is just a mission away.



You are Zeb Carter, a deep black, special-ops agent based in New York. You work for a U.S. agency that doesn’t exist.  You are the go-to man when no other options exist.

You are in the Democratic Republic of Congo to track down rogue mercenaries linked to the agency. They are killers, suspected of training rebel forces who are planning a coup.

Locate. Observe. Record. Do not engage.  That’s your mission brief.

You travel in the Congo and come across their trail of violence and death. You make your dossier and as you are preparing to leave, you come to a village.

You witness an atrocity of such magnitude that even your seen-everything-before eyes are shocked.  The mission comes foremost for you. You have never failed one. You have never violated a mission brief.

This time you do and you find yourself on the run hunted by both friend and foe.

You have killed for missions.

Will you die for what you believe in?


The Warrior Series

Books 1 - 4

The Warrior Series

Books 5 - 8


BOOKS 1 - 8