The Warrior Code


All that Zeb Carter wants is to be left alone. The only thing Beth and Meghan Petersen want is an opportunity to rebuild their lives. All that a ruthless gang wants is to kill them all.



Zeb Carter, a Special Ops agent who works for a U.S. agency that doesn’t exist, is taking a break from the killing game. He is in the wilderness of Wyoming to get away from it all.

Twins, Beth and Meghan Petersen are recovering from a horrific past. A past which seems to have involved assassins, who are now pursuing them.

Zeb’s idea of getting away didn’t include getting dead and he find himself reaching for his Glock when he comes across the twins.

He has a crew with him in all his agency missions. This time he’s all by himself with no back up.

He has always had the agency’s considerable resources supporting him. This time it’s just him and his Glock.

He always comes out on top in his missions.

This time his break from killing might be a prelude to his dying.


The Warrior Series

Books 1 - 4

The Warrior Series

Books 5 - 8


BOOKS 1 - 8