Defending Cain

BOOK two - The Gemini series

Defending Cain is the second novel featuring Beth and Meghan Petersen.



Would you believe a serial killer?

Beth and Meghan Petersen are hunting a missing woman. Cain, a vicious serial killer, is hunting them. Someone is due a dead ending.

Discover why USA Today Bestselling Author Ty Patterson is 'Surely one of the best action writers of the day.'

Calliope 'Cali' Minter has been missing for several years, and is presumed dead, killed by Cain, the mysterious and vicious serial killer terrorizing New York.

Her family haven't given up hope however, and hire Meghan and Beth Petersen to search for Cali. The case is old, the trial is cold and the twins are ready to give up when a man is murdered in broad daylight, in front of Meghan. In his hand is a photograph, Cali's.

Before they know it, the twins are sucked into a investigation that has more dead ends than clues, more dead bodies than answers, and more gangsters than witnesses. Helping them is Zeb Carter, their friend, and the most lethal man they know.

Even Zeb may not be enough as their investigation takes them across the country and beyond, to deep rooted conspiracies and killers the likes of whom they have never encountered before.

The search for a missing woman just might turn into a dead end. A dead ending for the three of them.


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