New York. An evil serial killer targets its women. The most violent terrorist group the world has encountered, plans to attack it. Special Ops agent Zeb Carter, who has never lost, is sucked into a battle he can't win. The city that never sleeps is hurtling to a nightmare it never dreamed.


Zeb Carter isn't interested in Flayer. He is hunting HOF, Hand Of Fire, a deadly terrorist group.

Flayer is hunting HOF, too. To join forces with them and bring death and destruction to New York.

By the time Zeb learns of the plot, Flayer is planning a killing which he will broadcast live on the internet. HOF is planning multiple attacks in the city.

Only Zeb can stop them.

But he is just one man. And it might be too late.

USA Today Bestselling Author Ty Patterson 'is up there with Lee Child and Vince Flynn'


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