Scorched Earth


You are U.S. Special Forces operative Zeb Carter. Your friends mean everything to you. Now, two of them have been kidnapped. You are willing to die to get them back.

But death isn't the price you have to pay to rescue them. It's worse.


Zeb Carter goes hunting when two of his friends are kidnapped.

He suspects his enemies are luring him into a trap when the blood-soaked trail pits him against L.A. biker gangs and Mexican drug cartels.

He perseveres, however. Because rescuing his friends is more important than his life.

The trail ends when he reaches war-torn Syria.

There he discovers the chilling truth.

His enemies aren't who he thought they were. The kidnapping isn't what he thought it was. 

What they want will destroy his government.

And the only way to stop them is to sacrifice his friends.

USA Today Bestselling Author Ty Patterson 'Sets the benchmark for thriller writing'


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