The Last Gunfighter of Space

BOOK ONE - The Cade Stryker Series

The Last Gunfighter of Space, the first book in the Cade Stryker Series of SciFi.




Year 5050.

Earth is a radioactive wasteland. The few million humans who survived, escaped to Calara, a planet in the Icarus Galaxy.

Life on the new planet hasn't turned out the way they hoped.

Their President, a sentient AI, has effectively enslaved them by curtailing their freedoms and controlling every aspect of their lives. 

He brutally stamps out any rebellion and has brought back public executions.

On top of that, he is waging war with an alien species, which, if he wins, will complete his domination over humans.

Cade Stryker isn't bothered about the war. Nor does he care about planetary politics.

He is a thief. He sails his ship in the far reaches of space, trading in stolen goods.

Morals and scruples? He has none of them.

Freedom? He has it. He can fly Andy, his ship, wherever he wants, can't he?

Those humans who are rebelling? Nothing to do with him. If they want to get killed, they are welcome.

Nope. No one thinks Cade Stryker is humanity's last hope.

Unfortunately, he is.

'Amazing world building. Epic space battles. Depth of characters. Gripping story. It has everything a military space opera should have'


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