The Thief Who Stole A Planet

BOOK two - The Cade Stryker Series

The Thief Who Stole A Planet, the second book in the Cade Stryker Series of SciFi.




When the Dracons show up, the Neathans have no choice but to fight back. There's is a losing war however. The invaders are the most advanced species in the universe, their weapons systems and technology is ahead of that of any other race.

With defeat and slavery staring at him in the face, General Tauxol, head of the Neathan military, turns to his friend, Cade Stryker.

Cade cannot turn down Tauxol. Neatha is his home, as it is to millions of other humans. If Neatha is defeated, humans lose too.

Cade isn't a military man. He cannot offer any brilliant war tactic that will defeat the aliens. He was once the best thief in the universe, however.

His strategy to save the universe does not exist in any manual. It is unheard of and no one has even attempted it.

Cade Stryker decides to steal a planet.

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