The Warrior

BOOK one - the Warrior SERIES

When you are in the killing game, dying is just a mission away.



Lethal. Relentless. Protector.

That's how Zeb Carter is often described. He was a Delta operative, and is now the lead agent in a covert-ops outfit. 

His latest mission takes him to the Congo, to locate rogue mercenaries who are suspected of helping terrorists.

When he comes across their trail of atrocities, he ignores the mission and decides to deliver his brand of justice.

And the Congo explodes.

The mercenaries hit back. His employer, the Agency, puts him on a kill list.

Hunted by vicious killers as well as his own people. Zeb is in a desperate race to expose the horrifying political conspiracy behind the mercenaries.

'Fast-paced. Turbocharged. One of the best thrillers I have read with an ending no one will be able to predict'


The Warrior Series

Books 1 - 4

The Warrior Series

Books 5 - 8


BOOKS 1 - 8