BOOK eight - THE WARRIOR SERIES, USA Today bestseller

Eighteen terrorists. Hundreds of hostages. Three good men and U.S. Special Forces operative Zeb Carter. Zero is when time compresses and action explodes. USA TODAY BESTSELLER Zero is the scorching thriller that has been described as the 'Best Action Thriller of the Year.'


Terrorists storm a Washington DC hotel where Zeb Carter is lunching. They seal the building and take everyone hostage.

They make no demands. Refuse to negotiate, and start to line people up against the wall.

He can see they are very well organized. They have taken no risks and have cut off all escape.

He know they are readying to kill when they start lining hostages against a wall.

They have made one small mistake. Well, it's not really their fault.

How would they know he is among the hostages?

'Zero is when action explodes'

'Ty Patterson sets the benchmark in thriller writing'


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