Zulu Hour

BOOK one - the Warrior SERIES Shorts


Mogadishu is hot, dusty, and dry in August 1993. It is where Delta Force operative Zeb Carter meets Mohammed Jama. It will be bloody.

Somalia in 1993 is witnessing civil war and famine that has left thousands dead and starving. Task Force Ranger, a unit of elite U.S. operatives is in the country to help enforce peace. Delta operative Zeb Carter is deployed along with Task Force Ranger.

Zeb has seen death, up close and personal. He has no fear of dying. However, he has never come across someone like Mohammed Jama.

Jama, a warlord in Mogadishu, is fast acquiring a cult status for his vicious killing methods and his attacks on the U.N. forces. He loves to inflict death and revels in his celebrity status. He is looking forward to his showdown with Zeb Carter.

August 1993 in Mogadishu. It is hot. It is dusty, and dry.

It will be bloody.

Zulu Hour is the first in the Warriors Series Shorts, a series of short stories or novellas that will feature Zeb Carter and will link to the main Warriors Series thrillers.


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