Cutter Grogan Collection -7 Ebooks AND Backfire AND 4 Gemini Series Thrillers AND  3 Zeb Carter Novellas

Cutter Grogan Collection -7 Ebooks AND Backfire AND 4 Gemini Series Thrillers AND 3 Zeb Carter Novellas

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Cutter Grogan was a former special forces operator. He's New York's toughest PI. They
call him The Fixer.

12 ebook thrillers in a unique PI/action/adventure genre along with three Zeb Carter novellas

This bundle contains

All seven thrillers in the Cutter Grogan Series


Blackfire, the first Hawke and Stryker, thriller


All four thrillers in the Gemini Series, featuring twins Beth and Meghan Petersen (PI/action/adventure series)


The three Zeb Carter Novellas (action/adventure short stories)

The collection includes:

Cutter Grogan Thrillers

  • Break
  • Powder Burn
  • Hangfire
  • Ricochet
  • Paris
  • Cordite
  • Primer

Hawke and Stryker Thrillers

  • Blackfire

Gemini Series

  • Dividing Zero
  • Defending Cain
  • I am Missing
  • Wrecking Team


Zeb Carter Novellas

  • Stacatto
  • Recoil
  • Kick


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Delta Forces operator Cutter Grogan fought for his country.
He gave his all and has the losses and the scars to show.
Now, he's waging another fight.
For those whom the system has failed.

Cutter served in the world's most dangerous hotspots and sacrificed everything for his country.

His military file has more redactions than words.

That life is behind him. He's a fixer, now. He uses his specialist skills to help those whom the system let down.

When a mother wants him to free her son from the grasp of drug dealers, it sounds like a simple assignment.

Knock some heads, give a stern talking to the delinquent. Walk away.

But nothing's ever that simple.

When the most vicious gang in New York is involved in a conspiracy that can destroy the country's foundations, he has a choice to make.

He can back off. Or, he can clean up.

Powder Burn:

No one does vengeance like Cutter Grogan. He's made it part of his Fixing business.
When his friends are killed in Los Angeles, in gang violence, he makes it personal

The call comes just as Cutter Grogan, the Fixer, has completed yet another mission.

Arnedra Jones, his business partner and friend, has been killed in LA.

He can mourn and let the LAPD investigate the murder. That's not who he is, though.

He decides to take a hand and finds himself in a world of vicious gangs, suspicious allies and a fight he's made his own.

Alone, outgunned and outnumbered by a significant margin, Cutter can back down and walk away.

Or, he can start a war.

The decision is easy to make.

Executing it, isn't.


In every previous mission, Cutter Grogan has always known who his enemies were.
In Washington DC, everyone is gunning for him.

Amy Breland, Speaker of the House of Representatives, is one of the most powerful people in the country. When Lauren, her grand-daughter, goes missing, she could have turned to the FBI or the Metropolitan Police for help.

She calls Cutter Grogan.

He finds out why, when he arrives in DC.

Beneath the surface of the centre of power, he finds juice of a different kind. That wielded by predators who turn him into the most wanted person in the country. Which makes him wonder if there's more to his mission than finding a missing person.

He's trapped in DC, hunted by gunmen, pursued by law enforcement, and chased by old enemies.

That's when he's most dangerous. However, even his lethal skills may not be enough this time.


Cutter Grogan came to Syria to search for a missing woman.
He found old enemies who greeted him with violence

A missing woman in the Middle East isn't the assignment Cutter would take on, but when an old client makes the request, he can't refuse.

Samira Latif's disappearance is shrouded in darkness. His client doesn't have much information for him. The missing woman's connection to one of the most powerful people in the US remains unexplained.

On arriving in Syria, he finds everything he was told was a lie. His old enemies haven't forgotten him and have laid out a welcome.

Was he set up from the start?


An Afghan informer who refuses to speak to anyone but Cutter Grogan.
In Paris.
Where the reception he gets isn't what he was expecting.

It isn't an assignment Cutter would normally take on; go to Paris to speak to an informer he knows nothing about. The FBI has ordered him to, however. Which means whatever intel she has, is critical.

Fly in, talk to her, fly out, report back to the Feds.

A two day job, he reckons. No sweat. He loves Paris and looks forward to his visit.

The first inkling he has that the assignment isn't a walk in the park, are the gunmen who burst through his hotel room.


San Diego was a powder keg waiting to explode.
Cutter Grogan was the spark to light it.

Alejandra 'Aleja' Gutierrez died in San Diego.

An accident, the police said.

Murdered, her mother insisted.

Cutter figures she is mistaken. He'll visit the city however, meet the investigating officers and get back to Jenna Gutierrez.

In San Diego, he finds there is a Russian bratva waiting for him. The Sheriff wants him out of town. Unidentifiable people are tailing him. And that's not to mention the thugs who attacked him in New York soon after his meeting with Jenna.

Everyone seems to be out to kill him and his luck is running out.

Will he survive long enough to know why everyone wants him dead?


Cutter Grogan had an uneasy relationship with law enforcement. The police had rules. He had none.

And so he was surprised when NYPD Detective Gina Difiore and FBI SAC Peyton Quindica came to him for help.

He couldn't refuse. They were his closest friends even though they wouldn't hesitate to nail his ass if they had proof of his law-breaking.

The case led him to the underbelly of the country, where national and international politics, killers and technology conspired.

To a choice he had to make.

His friends or his moral code.

If he chose to live by his values, he would have to kill Difiore and Quindica.


Introducing New York's toughest PIs, former special forces operatives Axton Hawke and Kael Stryker

When a routine corporate espionage case lands on their desk, Ax and Kael expect it to be just another day at the office.

They aren't going to be sniffy about such cases. They have bills to pay.

But what starts as a seemingly mundane investigation takes a sinister turn when their client's life is threatened.

And mysterious lethal hitmen target them.

They soon find themselves entangled in ruthless cartels, corrupt politicians and crooked cops.

When they uncover the international political conspiracy, they realize it can change global conflict and world balance.

The case is no longer about corporate espionage.

It is about who they are and what they stand for ... and for Ax and Kael, their moral code comes first.

Even if they lose their lives.

Buckle up for a high-octane thriller in USA Today Bestselling Author Ty Patterson's trademark action and humor that will leave you breathless until the very last page.


Dividing Zero

The impossible meets the invincible.

Beth and Meghan Petersen are twins. They are sassy. They are lethal.

They are covert operatives who take on cases when they aren't on missions. They have never failed.

Their investigation into a domestic abuser leads them to a global financial conspiracy and an enemy who's better than themselves. And who's protected by their government.

The sisters have a well-deserved reputation for closing out cases. The NYPD says they can crack the impossible.

It looks like this time, they've found their nemesis.

If you're a fan of J.D. Robb's Eve Dallas, Chris Hauty's Hayley Chill and Barry Eisler's Livia Lone, you'll loveTy Patterson's pedal-to-metal pace and no holding back approach to storytelling.

'Ty Patterson sets the standard in thriller writing. Read him! You'll want more'


Defending Cain


New York should have breathed a sigh of relief when the deadly serial killer is found dead on a street.

However, a new spate of killings raises questions. Who else is terrorising the city? Who killed Cain? Why did he have Meghan's photograph on him?

The search for answers leads the Petersen sisters to a terrifying conspiracy aimed to destroy them and their city.

The only way out for them is to fight back.

The sisters have fought terrorists in Syria, criminals in Somalia. In all those places they had a team to cover them.

In the concrete jungle of New York, they only have each other.

Every one else is a potential enemy.

Packed with breakneck action at pedal-to-metal pace, Defending Cain is a thriller you can't miss.

If you're a fan of Eve Dallas, Livia Lone and Hayley Chill, you'll loveTy Patterson's
pedal-to-metal pace and no holding back approach to storytelling


I Am Missing

I Am Missing
Find Me.

The words weren't on a note. They weren't a text message.
They were uttered by billionaire Cole Patten who stood in front of Beth and Meghan Petersen in the flesh.

What does he mean? Isn't he who he is?

The search for answers take Beth and Meghan Petersen to a past that doesn't yield its secrets, but readily sends out its killers.

And that light in the Cu Chi tunnel of isn't escape. It is the flash of a gun aimed at them.

I Am Missing features Ty Patterson's signature breakneck pace story telling and unexpected twists and shocking turns.

If you like Lee Child, David Baldacci and Gregg Hurwitz you'll love this Ty Patterson thriller

USA Today Bestselling Author Ty Patterson 'sets the benchmark in thriller writing'


Wrecking Team

It takes one spoiled heiress to undo Beth and Meghan Petersen's reputation

When billionaire Hiram Konstantin wants his daughter protected from mysterious assassins, he goes to the best.

To twins, Beth and Meghan Petersen.

The twins don't do protection gigs and when they find they'll have to babysit Angie Konstantin, who's got a well-deserved reputation for being spoiled, they dig their heels.

But they owe the NYPD Commissioner a favor and reluctantly accept the engagement.

Before long, the twins find out that it's they who are the real targets. The daughter was a ruse.

As the heiress lives up to her notoreity and as killer after killer comes gunning for them, the twins find that everything they were told was a lie.

And the only way to find answers is paint themselves as targets.

If you like Lee Child, Gregg Hurwitz and David Baldacci, you'll love Ty Patterson's storytelling.

'USA Today Bestselling Author Ty Patterson sets the benchmark in thriller writing'

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'Ty has crafted a taut, prescient action and political thriller that will keep you in suspense until the very last page'

Diane Capri, NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author

'If ever there was a book series that deserved a movie or tv series this is the one . Great storylines the main characters all have their own dynamics From page 1 you just cannot put these stories down'

John Nicolson

'What. A. Ride.

All of the books are good but they seem to get better and better! Buckle up cause it’s a wild ride. I laughed I gasped I reread sections.

100% love the book!'

E J Rudiger

Ty has been a trench digger, loose tea vendor, leather goods salesman, marine lubricants salesman, diesel engine mechanic, and is now an action thriller author.Ty lives with his wife and son, who humor his ridiculous belief that he’s in charge.

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