The Reluctant Warrior - Paperback

The Reluctant Warrior - Paperback

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The Warriors have recovered from Zeb Carter's mission in the Congo. 

They now find themselves helping the FBI. USA's premier investigative agency has a mole in its ranks. The betrayer has access to highly classified intel and is a threat to national security.

The Warriors respond by deploying their maverick intelligence analyst Broker. Who makes the shocking discovery that the traitor is not owned by a foreign government.

The truth is worse. And the repercussions can trigger a devastation the kind of which the country hasn't seen before.

Before long, the investigation leads to a showdown. The Warriors - all by themselves - on one side, the city's organized crime gangs on the other. Broker and his team can't afford to lose that battle, nor can they give up the investigation.

The odds against them are overwhelming. The mafia gangs have come together in an unprecedented move. And the mole is helping the criminals.

And what of the mysterious assassin tailing them? He might prove more lethal than the mole or the gangs.

'Non-stop action isn't a tired old cliche in this book's case. The Reluctant Warrior delivers NON-STOP ACTION!' 

'Pedal-to-metal, needle-in-the-red thrills!'

'You won't like Zeb Carter and his Warriors. You'll LOVE them!'

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'Ty has crafted a taut, prescient action and political thriller that will keep you in suspense until the very last page'

Diane Capri, NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author

'If ever there was a book series that deserved a movie or tv series this is the one . Great storylines the main characters all have their own dynamics From page 1 you just cannot put these stories down'

John Nicolson

'What. A. Ride.

All of the books are good but they seem to get better and better! Buckle up cause it’s a wild ride. I laughed I gasped I reread sections.

100% love the book!'

E J Rudiger

Ty has been a trench digger, loose tea vendor, leather goods salesman, marine lubricants salesman, diesel engine mechanic, and is now an action thriller author.Ty lives with his wife and son, who humor his ridiculous belief that he’s in charge.

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