Zeb Carter Series Starter Collection Second Six eBooks - Books 7-12

Zeb Carter Series Starter Collection Second Six eBooks - Books 7-12

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★★★★★ 'An OMG, Freaking-Fantastic, Unputdownable, Unmissable, Unforgettable, Running-Out-Of-Superlatives, One-Click, Auto-buy series!'

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The second six ebooks in the million selling series that has hundreds of thousands of fans all over the world.

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From USA Today Bestselling Author Ty Patterson

This digital collection includes

  • Incoming
  • Tightrope
  • Moscow
  • Mumbai
  • Highwire
  • Tehran


Old enemies don't die. They become more wily.

When faced with an audacious attack on America, Zeb Carter does the unthinkable.
He offers himself as bait.

Zeb Carter had stopped the greatest terrorist act against his country.

However the ring leader behind its attack, a deadly intelligence chief, was still out there.

That enemy has an audacious plan to ruin the US and destroy the world order.

Zeb Carter and his team are determined to stop him.

However they'll have to offer themselves as bait.

In a hostile country and in a city that has been turned into a giant prison just for them.


Zeb Carter takes out terrorists.He has never freed them.
There's always a first time, however.

The Taliban want Mir Roushan Pasha, a deadly terrorist, to be released before they will progress peace talks.  They are willing to walk away and resume their killing if their demand isn't met.

The Afghan govt, backed by the US and its allies, is willing to consider such a risky move. The region needs peace and stability after decades of war.

There's just one problem.

Zeb knows Pasha is dead.


As Russia invades Ukraine and the world holds its breath, Zeb Carter attempts the impossible.

Elena Zakharova, a world-renowned Russian journalist plans to publish the biggest scoop of her career. A news report that could change the course of the war.

And then she goes missing.

With Russia threatening a wider military conflict and a nuclear war, there is only way to contain or defuse it.

Send Zeb Carter and his team to find her.

The stakes are so high that failure is not an option.

For Zeb's enemies, the rewards are so huge that they will not let him succeed.


Be always vigilant. Don't take anything at face value. Don't drop your guard.
The rules were drilled into Zeb Carter until they became part of his DNA.
He broke every one of them in Mumbai.

Zeb and his team are in India after their Moscow mission to regroup.
Take in the sights. Enjoy the food and hospitality of friends. There isn't anything else on his mind.

That was his mistake.

He could have prevented the bomb from ripping into Mumbai's crowded market.
He could have stopped what came afterwards.


Zeb Carter and his team have targets painted on their backs even before they arrive in Australia and New Zealand.
Failure isn't an option for them.
For their enemies, killing Zeb is the only option.

Australia and New Zealand are under attack.

Mysterious organized criminal gangs are stealing from their mines. Their internet, government and large private institutions are continually being cyber-attacked. Their economies are tanking. The social media in the two countries are filled with bots that are sowing mistrust and fueling civil unrest, riots and lone-shooter killings.

Their Western allies and NATO are worried. Are Russia or China behind these acts? Is it Iran or some rogue nation?

Whoever it is, they have to act fast otherwise the two countries could implode which could forever alter the world's geo-political balance.

It is not an assignment Zeb and his team would take up. They are in the country however, on vacation, and they get greenlighted.

And then the mining truck crushes Zeb's ride, with him in it.


Zohra Hashimi knew she was going to die.
She made one last desperate attempt to escape.
She reached out to Zeb Carter.

The police, the Revolutionary Guards, just about everyone in authority is cracking down on Tehran's protesters. Women who defy the country's strict rules are in particular danger.

Fleeing for her life, Zohra Hashimi takes refuge in a Tehran basement along with several other women.

Only she knows the authorities aren't the only ones she has to be terrified of.

The women are resigned to dying. After all, how long can they hide from the police?

Zohra is resigned too.

She has to make one last attempt though. The secrets she is carrying cannot die with her.

She reaches out to one person, a man she considers to be her brother.

She reaches out to Zeb Carter.

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The four vehicles circled the enormous compound. None of them indicated they were part of a convoy or were in a group. They were merged with other traffic, trucks, vehicles, buses on Shahidan Inanlu Boulevard, each one of them going to their end destinations.

The four cars didn’t seem to have any particular end point. The flashers on each one blinked when they reached Shora Boulevard and cut over to Allameh Tabatabaee Boulevard and joined it. Aroose Shekhari Garden fell behind as the road turned right and at Farmandari Square, they joined Kalhor Boulevard.

Left again on Modarres Boulevard which turned into Shahidan Inanlu Boulevard at the park that split the double carriageway.

The enormous loop circled the town of Shahriar, in the province of Tehran, forty kilometers to the west of the country’s capital. Population of three hundred twenty-eight thousand. 

The city had made the wrong kind of news in recent times.

More than two hundred protesters had been killed several months ago by police and military as people rioted against gas prices. A Ukrainian airplane had been mistakenly shot down by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, IRGC, near the city. All one hundred seventy-six passengers and crew killed. 

The IRGC was initially formed to preserve the Islamic way of life in the country. It had grown beyond its ideological origins and with over a hundred thousand troops, had become a military force that prevented foreign interference, clamped down on dissenters and answered only to the Supreme Leader. Bringing down the aircraft was another in a long list of callous acts.

The four vehicles weren’t circling Shahriar for its recent notoriety or for the aircraft’s crash.


Their occupants were interested in the Shahriar Garrison. Training base for the Quds Force, a division of the IRGC that focused on unconventional warfare and extra-territorial military operations. 

A covert outfit so powerful that it had become more famous than its parent body. It had over thirty thousand soldiers and its chief reported independently to the Supreme Leader.

Intelligence agencies around the world knew Quds Force for what it really was.

An outfit that supported terrorists around the world. Hezbollah, Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Yemeni Houthis, the Quds Force trained those outfits, provided them with arms and intel and helped them fight their causes.

The Iranian agency didn’t limit its activities to the Middle East. It was long suspected of helping North Korea in its cyberwarfare and nuclear ambitions.

Shahriar Garrison was one of the many Iranian bases the Quds Force had. The outfit trained Afghan fighters, mercenaries from all the over the world, and sent them to Syria and various hotspots in the region.

Ten Iranian suicidal terrorists had come out of the camp and had come close to pulling off the deadliest terrorist attack in the United States.  

‘Not much to see here,’ a driver in one of the vehicles spoke aloud. She wore a hijab, a head scarf, that loosely covered her hair. Mandatory for women in Iran. 

Meghan Petersen. Alert eyes surveying the compound wall of the garrison, hands resting loosely on the wheel, guiding the Toyota through traffic.  Broker, the man next to her, leaned back and stretched his legs out. Crossed his arms over his chest and chewed gum as he watched the camp go past.

‘That place’s impenetrable,’ Beth Petersen, in another vehicle, exclaimed. ‘Look at those cameras on the walls. Those will be the obvious ones. They’ll have drones, biometric sensors, more guards than we can imagine.’ She snatched a look at her passenger, Zeb Carter, who seemed to be dozing, unconcerned. ‘There are just the eight of us. You’ve got a plan?’

He didn’t reply.

‘Hope,’ Chloe, driving another vehicle, said solemnly. ‘He’s hoping, thinking hard and the power of his thought waves will breach those gates.’

Bear, her partner and seated alongside her, chuckled just as the entry to the camp flashed by. 

Cross barrier, security guard hut, armed soldiers, similar setup to thousands of camps around the world.

‘Hope and Zeb!’ Bwana, the driver of the fourth car, snorted. ‘You got something, bud?’ 

‘He’s probably sleeping,’ Roger drawled from the passenger seat. ‘This going around in circles is very relaxing.’

Beth risked another look when she had overtaken a bus, frowned when Zeb’s head lolled. Punched him on the forearm. ‘You’re really sleeping?’ she yelled.

‘A man can’t even rest,’ he grumbled as he straightened. ‘Yeah, I’ve got a plan.’

‘Take your time,’ Meghan said encouragingly when he didn’t speak for several moments. ‘Don’t be in a hurry. I mean, what’s there to worry us? Those soldiers, those drones which might be identifying us as we drive, pshaw!’ she scoffed.

Zeb grinned. The twins, they had a way about them.

‘We’ll use missiles,’ he said.



'Ty has crafted a taut, prescient action and political thriller that will keep you in suspense until the very last page'

Diane Capri, NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author

'If ever there was a book series that deserved a movie or tv series this is the one . Great storylines the main characters all have their own dynamics From page 1 you just cannot put these stories down'

John Nicolson

'What. A. Ride.

All of the books are good but they seem to get better and better! Buckle up cause it’s a wild ride. I laughed I gasped I reread sections.

100% love the book!'

E J Rudiger

Ty has been a trench digger, loose tea vendor, leather goods salesman, marine lubricants salesman, diesel engine mechanic, and is now an action thriller author.Ty lives with his wife and son, who humor his ridiculous belief that he’s in charge.

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