Zeb Carter Starter Series Paperbacks

Zeb Carter Starter Series Paperbacks

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The first five paperbacks in the million selling series that has hundreds of thousands of fans all over the world.

'The Zeb Carter Series make the Mission Impossible movies look easy!'

'An OMG, call-in-sick, stay-up-late-to-finish, running-out-of-superlatives, one-click, auto-buy series!'

From USA Today Bestselling Author Ty Patterson

They warned Zeb Carter that he would have no back-up in the rescue mission in Afghanistan. He would be all by himself in hostile terrain, surrounded by the Taliban.

They told him it was a suicidal mission.

He volunteered.

And then, when he arrived in Afghanistan, he found out everything he had been told was a lie.

This paperback collection includes

  • Zeb Carter
  • The Peace Killers
  • Burn Rate
  • Terror
  • Traitor

Zeb Carter


Everything he had been told was a lie.

Former Special Forces operative Zeb Carter couldn't save his family from terrorists.

He's never forgiven himself.

To escape his guilt, he throws himself into missions--the riskier, the better.

The lone wolf mission in Afghanistan, to rescue American hostages captured by the Taliban, is an opportunity to make peace with himself.

But when he gets there, he finds everything he was told was a lie.

This mission is one last chance at redemption. It now comes with a heavy price.

Can he betray his country to redeem himself?

The Peace Killers

Mossad versus Zeb Carter

Israel and Palestine are on the brink of war when Mossad is accused of assassinating peace negotiators. A loose word can trigger the conflict which will devaste the Middle East and draw in the rest of the world.

Zeb Carter has to deal with hostile armies, enraged terrorists and corrupt politicians as Israel and Palestine's future, and that of the Middle East, hangs in precarious balance.

And then there are Mossad's kidon, the deadliest operatives in the world, who are gunning for him.

Burn Rate

Zeb Carter's mission was to stop a terrorist attack. in New York. He didn't know that was just the start.

Zeb Carter goes against a deadly spymaster who intends to attack New York's G20 Summit and destroy the world order.

But that's not all that his enemy wants.


Terror attacks are surging around the world. Each day a new shooting, a vehicle driven into a crowd.

People wait in dread for the next attack. That fear turns to rage at governments' inability to stop the horrific acts. Riots break out in cities, anarchy rises and democracy is under real threat.

Zeb Carter is tasked with halting the attacks. It's mission impossible. How can he prevent the unpredictable?

As he investigates the killings, against the backdrop of a rising death toll, a disturbing question arises.

What if none of the attacks were random?


Zeb Carter killed for the US government.
Now, his country wants him dead


Zeb Carter is branded a traitor when evidence emerges that he's colluding with hostile countries.

The US and allied intelligence agencies act by sending hit teams to silence him.


In Libya, in pursuit of the world's deadliest terrorist, Zeb finds out about his new status when the first kill team attacks him.

Alone, cut off from his friends, surrounded by enemies, hunted by former allies, Zeb knows he has been set up.

He wants revenge.

Can he stay alive long enough for payback?




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    'Ty has crafted a taut, prescient action and political thriller that will keep you in suspense until the very last page'

    Diane Capri, NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author

    'If ever there was a book series that deserved a movie or tv series this is the one . Great storylines the main characters all have their own dynamics From page 1 you just cannot put these stories down'

    John Nicolson

    'What. A. Ride.

    All of the books are good but they seem to get better and better! Buckle up cause it’s a wild ride. I laughed I gasped I reread sections.

    100% love the book!'

    E J Rudiger

    Ty has been a trench digger, loose tea vendor, leather goods salesman, marine lubricants salesman, diesel engine mechanic, and is now an action thriller author.Ty lives with his wife and son, who humor his ridiculous belief that he’s in charge.

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